About this Episode #23: In this episode, we have an interesting discussion with our expert guest, Vel Johnson a Business Strategist and the CEO of Vasaj Communications. Vel shares her magic mojo about innovative branding, using a publicist to strategize your visibility activities for major impact, and increasing your bottom line. If you’re the owner of a start-up business, have an established business, or you are a community-based leader and/or faith-based leader Vasaj Communications is the “Boutique branding and public relations firm” you need. To contact Vel Johnson for a Discovery Session and download her ebook. Connect via the website: www.vasajcommunications.com or via email at: vel@vasajcommunications.com

EWOGG Podcast: Welcome to my podcast “Extraordinary Women of Guts & Grace; Compassionate & Courageous Leadership” where I highlight the work and life of amazing women who are contributing to their industries in meaningful ways. Leading the way with innovative ideas and solutions, methods and strategies that work and that have made them successful. I look to inspire the next generation of leaders and provide a variety of possibilities of what a woman can do. Once she puts her mind and womb to it!

About the Host: Hi Lovely Souls; I’m Evelyn Cosme the founder and CEO of Evelyn Cosme International. I’m a Leadership Strategist for your life and work. Like most women I’m multi-passionate and I’m an Author, Educator, Speaker, Trainer, and Intuitive Healing Guide. I’m passionate about supporting, guiding, and teaching Executive Women how to navigate the inner and outer playing field in those times of great challenges. When life hits the fan you may not be able to go it alone.

The successful method The Power of “V” I created because of my personal and professional experience doing what I do best and love. Creating a unique space for my soul-connected clients to improve the quality of their lives, gain a deep sense of indestructible worthiness, peace of mind and spirit, and the ability to sustain and renew a sense of joy and delicious fulfillment. And of course, we can’t leave out a juicy ingredient for success! Increased performance and productivity at whatever your magic mojo is about.